Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 33: Studious

As I've mentioned before on this blog, I'm a college student. I decided to pick Computer Science as the field of my studies, and this has proven to be a satisfying choice for me. I enjoy the content and how it relates to the world around me. I feel more in tune with technology and how programs work.

However, it's not all a magical fun ride. It requires a lot of work to be proficient and skilled in the field, and that work requires a lot of time. As a self-improving student with a part time job and quite a few hobbies, I find myself sometimes stacked for time.

Today, though, I decided to make a change. Instead of playing one of my various video games, I decided to take some time for my studies. A few sections of optional Calculus and the beginning of a C++ project later, I really felt more satisfied with my day. Rather than stressing and doing it at the last moment, I had the option of working ahead.

...And then I played video games.

Today, I worked to become more studious.

Daniel, of course.

Day 32: Self-Sufficient

Short one.

My recent encounters with my good friend that almost ended in calamity got me to think over the past few days. If this person and I were to have a similar falling out or confrontation and the result was more unfavorable, I'm not sure where that would leave me. They're very important to me and are one of my purest confidants and companions.

However, like all things in life, they're not permanent. Things happen, people grow apart, miles spring up between people. I realized I had been investing a lot of time into growing dependent on someone who simply isn't responsible for me.

So, today I tried to space myself from others and worked on being a more self-sustaining person. Though it was a bit lonely, I found that I was able to be just me with just myself to keep me company without going crazy.

Today, I grew more independent.

Daniel, of course.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 31: Fence Mending

Short post.

A more religious person might say that to err is human, to forgive divine. Though I disagree with some of the sentiment and especially the self-righteousness of the forgiver, the statement does feel particularly good.

As my previous post mentioned, I was wounded, gravely. However, there's a reason they're in my inner circle: they belong there. I won't let myself exclude one of the most trusted people in my life for the sake of feeling vengeful or arbirtrary.

Today, I learned better to forgive.

Daniel, of course.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 30: Endurance

Today, I was injured.

It wasn't by a nasty fall or accident, nor by an exercise gone too far, nor anything else of the physical sort. This sort was emotional.

Someone very close to me said some very, very hurtful things and left me feeling depleted. When I returned home, I thought for a long time how I would like to get even, to return fire, to make myself feel like I had avenged the injustice levied against me.

...But then I didn't. There's a reason they're close to me and earned a place among my favorite people, as one of my closest compatriots. I relaxed and stared at the ceiling for a while. A text message filled with all of my vitriol and venom went unsent and was deleted.

It's easy to lose control when faced with some adversity, but it's much harder to maintain that same control.

Today, I kept my cool and kept my friendship.

Daniel, of course.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 29: More Weight

Not literally.

This post is just confirming that I've pushed myself further in my cardiovascular and abdominal exercise routine, increasing the time/resistance I do on elliptical and the number of reps I do with ab exercises.

Today, I stepped my exercise up another level.

Daniel, of course.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 28: The Trenchs

Beat, so another short post. (Apologies!)

Today, as last post suggested, was first day of class. Today was the easiest day of class for many people, people who spent their class periods going over their respective syllabuses and perhaps taking very preliminary notes.

However, this day is one of the roughest of the year for me. I work on campus as a computer technician tasked with fixing student computers when they're brought into the office. Though I am compensated with a decent pay and can accrue twenty hours of work a week, the beginning of semesters are inevitably laden with people with various problems, whether they be hardware, software, updates, or inability to connect to the network.

Days like this normally plow me over and leave me with little-to-no energy by the end of my day. Today, though, I decided to face the event with a greater resolve. I drew upon some latent well of energy and decided that I wouldn't let the day be a bully of me. Not only did I conquer my four hours of class and five hours of work, I managed enough energy to attend the gym and aid a friend in need.

Today, I found a deeper reserve of energy and, well, manned up.

Daniel, of course.

Day 27: March, To Battle!

Shorty again.

Tomorrow begins another semester!

It's always a huge adjustment for me to get back into the swing of things for semesters. Inevitably, I will have an altered sleep schedule, a general lack of fucks to give, and take a while to readjust to the student life.

However, I decided this semester would be different. I purchased all the necessary supplies, aligned myself to a proper sleep schedule, and planned out my daily schedule to a tee, including meals, classes, work time, gym, and a lovely 2 hour period for an inevitably desired nap.

Today, I got myself prepared (and pumped) for tomorrow.

Daniel, of course.

Day 26: Discipline

Short post inbound.

As the previous post alluded to, I was a party. This particular party went way into the wee hours of the night and I ended up falling asleep mere hours before the sun rose over the very location I laid down to rest.

It had become routine for me to exercise every day and to keep to my schedule. However, as I went through my day, my motivation to do grew lesser and lesser.

I realized that I was making an excuse to not exercise. I had the habit of doing so, to rationalize why today would be different, would be an exception.

So, today, I fought against my self-detrimental habit and forced myself to work out, even if just a little. Though it was a reduced workout, I still pushed myself to keep to some semblance of a routine, and I'm better off for it.

Today, I kicked the habit of making excuses and forced myself to embrace my routine.

Daniel, of course.

Day 25: Stranger Danger

I've posted earlier about getting involved in social situations mixed with acquaintances, friends, and other people that are vestiges on the edge of my life. In such a situation, I am at least vaguely aware of each person I'm involved with.

Today, though, I plunged into a new situation. I was invited by a friend to a party in which I was nearly surrounded by strangers. Save for the inviting friend and another compatriot, I was entirely isolated from everyone else there.

My normal m.o. in such a situation would be to merely remain at the edge of the social gathering and only flock to what I was familiar with. I never liked meeting new people in such a situation- prejudices, judgements, etc seemed like they dominated the entirety of what their first impression of me would be, and that scared me into inactivity.

Today, however, I refused to let my social stigmas paralyze me. Instead of being a wallflower,  I engaged new people and made new friends. I shared moments of happiness and comraderie with people that moments before were complete strangers. I became a more social version of myself, and felt much better for it.

Today, I learned to put myself out there when I normally would be too afraid to.

Daniel, of course.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 24: Gotta Crack a Few Eggs...

Another short post.

I made a post a couple of days ago about getting more comfortable in the kitchen, and this day's post is a further extension of that.

When I say I'm green in the kitchen, know that I mean that I really, really am inexperienced. With the exception of prepared meals, I have very little experience cooking solo.

However, I woke up early this morning with plenty of time to prepare myself food before I had to go into work, so I opened my fridge and considered my options. 9 eggs stared back at me, 2 of which I decided to try my hand at scrambling.

After looking up a recipe or two on scrambled eggs, I mixed the eggs together in a mixing bowl, then poured over a pre-heated pan on medium heat. Then, after a minute or so, added a blend of Mexican cheeses that I usually have in cheese quesadillas. After a few minutes, I scraped and scrambled myself up two cheese scrambled eggs.

I have to say, I was fairly proud of my creation and thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast.

I know it might be a very small accomplishment, but to me it was kinda a big deal.

Today, I further advanced my kitchen knowledge.

Daniel, of course.

Day 23: Stepping Up

Nothing huge to report here.

At the gym, my gym partner and I have both accelerated our training process, doing more reps and longer duration on the elliptical.

Today, I pushed myself just a little harder at the gym.

Daniel, of course.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 22: External Factors

I've spent 21 days now working on myself, three whole weeks of self-improvement. And though these days have certainly been beneficial and I got in my cardio and sit-ups at the gym today, I'd like to talk about some other people for a moment.

It's been said before in many ways that life spent alone is somewhat meaningless. Even if you garner huge accomplishments, if no one is there to see then there is no point. Just ask Thanos.

Today I spent some time considering those closest to me, those friends and family that make my life just a little bit better by just being there in my life. So earlier tonight, I took some time out of my schedule to deliberately spend time with a few of my favorite people.

Today, I strengthened bonds with a few people that strengthen me.

Daniel, of course.

Day 21: Now We're Cooking!

So, I'm starting to exercise correctly- I need to fuel my body correctly, too.

It's been a long time (read: 22 years) since I really felt comfortable in a kitchen. I worry about over/under cooking any given dish, setting the house on fire, etc. But if I'm going to get into shape, I need to start eating better. And frankly, I won't be able to eat better unless I start making myself some appropriate foods.

So, to start off my drive of cooking foods, I made myself and my friend some garlic alfredo with buttered bread and lemon bars for dessert.

Not the best thing in the world, but it's a start!

Today, I finally got into the kitchen and made magic happen.

Daniel, of course.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20: Actualization

Another short post:

Finally made it to the gym today after much, much delay. Me and my gym partner finally got our asses around to actually going to the rec center on campus and put in 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and 50 situps each.

Tomorrow, we plan on doing something similar. I'm so glad to finally be getting this fitness done right.

Today, I got my ass to the gym.

Daniel, of course.

Day 19: Social Ground

Short post incoming, it's very late.

I often exude a confident and well-socialized character when I'm in public. I like to think that I'm in control of myself in social scenarios and am generally well-liked.

However, many times I find myself being an isolationist. If I could have the company of a small circle of friends or even one spectacular companion, I believe the rest of the world could truly be more or less irrelevant to me.

The more I think about it, though, I want to include more people in my life. I don't want to be an island that only a few people are allowed to venture to. I want to be able to a beacon for people to gather to so that we can share in each other's energy and friendship.

Today, I made the decision to become a more social version of myself. How I am going to do is still unknown.

Daniel, of course.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18: Must... Resist... Impulses!..

Today, I woke up feeling pretty sick. I didn't go into work (which, granted, I probably wasn't going to anyway considering we've got all our tasks complete), nor did I hang out with a friend as I planned, out of fear that I would spread my sickness to him or throw up at his place.

After spending the morning drifting in and out of consciousness, I maintained being awake around noon feeling thoroughly disoriented and in a dazed stupor. As the day went on I would begin to feel more human, but a lasting sense of fatigue  would take hold over my events for the rest of the day.

So, as I entered the late afternoon, it occurred to me that I hadn't really accomplished anything with my day, especially anything that could be considered grounds for my New Year's resolution. Therefore, I decided to work on something about myself that didn't require great physical effort, acting to adjust my personality or behavior rather than improve physical condition.

I am normally a pretty fiscally conservative person by most means. I don't spend much money if I don't have to and am mostly satisfied with my current means. I don't feel like I need to spend an exorbitant amount of cash to have a good time or to enjoy myself.

Lately, however, I have been more prone to impulses, both financial and otherwise. I've been making decisions and purchases that perhaps I shouldn't, splurging on things that I didn't really need or necessarily should have spent my money on.

So, today, I decided to work on my impulse control and did the unthinkable: I browsed Steam's deals of the day, knowing full well that my credit card information was already saved on my account, and didn't buy anything!

Just kidding, I didn't actually do that. But I did work on my impulse control a bit by going through some mental exercises and exerting focus to keep a tighter wallet about things.

I also looked at my checking account balance, which did pretty much the same thing.

Today, I worked on being somewhat less impulsive.

Daniel, of course.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17: Regular Maintenance

Work was slightly pointless today. Our boss gave us no new task to complete, but is still paying us for our time. As such, we headed into work today, had lunch with an old co-worker, watched Youtube and searched 4chan, then went home.

After I got home, I was feeling particularly unaccomplished, but knew that I had a gym appointment later with my friend and gym partner... Except that she revealed after showing up to my place that she had somewhere to be soon after she arrived. So, after hanging out with them and them going home, I didn't really have the drive or time to hit the gym.

Once again, felt unaccomplished. Immediately, my resolution leapt to mind and I wondered what I was going to accomplish today. My plan was to write about my gym visit and how getting into an exercise routine would be good for me, but that option suddenly closed to me.

So, instead of trying to enhance myself with physical activity, I looked to my surrounding and found them not ideal. Dirty dishes in the sink, trash on my desk, a trash can that required emptying, and other trivial chores. As such, I decided to enhance my settings by getting these fairly basic household tasks completed.

After doing so, I felt pretty good. Something about a clean environment made me feel more focused and relaxed, and as such I had pretty nice evening thereafter.

Today, I gave my apartment a good once-over and now feel more comfortable in my surroundings.

Daniel, of course.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 16: Expanding Knowledge

Another short post ahead.

Today, my co-worker and I completed the assignment our mutual boss gave us the next week and a half to perform and fixed a certain facet of the ticket system we use. Doing so required no small knowledge of how to code in php.

The catch is that before this week, I had never coded in php whatsoever. So, this week so far has been a really big learning experience for me, and now that the project is done I can claim some efficiency in a language that before I had never even touched.

Today, I used my newfound knowledge of php to perform my job admirably.

Daniel, of course.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 15: A Series of Unfortunate Cardiovascular Exercises

Some days, I misplace important things. Today was one of those days.

After arriving at work at 8 AM and leaving seven hours later, not having accomplished much of my two week project but successfully making some ground, I was pretty beat. I hadn't slept spectacularly the night before, and the early morning wasn't an entirely welcome thing in my life. During the break, I had made to sure to be awake by 9, but the couple hours of sleep are sorely missed.

In my stupor, I forgot something as I left office. After walking a considerable distance up the giant hill to my apartment, I realized what that something was: my wallet, which contained the ID card which allows me access to my apartment and room.

After some fevered searching through pockets (this happened several times in front of my door, sweeping each pocket on several occasions), calls to approximate friends with cars, and searches of the immediate surrounding area in the case that I dropped it, I realized what I must do: walk back to the office, acquire my wallet, and walk back up.

The odyssey nearly forty-five minutes as I trudged down and back, wearing thick denim and a heavy trench coat that suddenly seemed way heavier than they had one mountain circuit before. After the journey was completed, my legs hurt from all of the inclines and declines and my lungs hurt from inhaling cold air as I marched. I soon fell into a restful sleep and was only woken by a friend's phone call.

After waking up, though, I felt really good. I realized that though I dreaded the climb at the time, the trips down and back had actually served as an excellent light cardiovascular routine and would serve as good preparation for when I start my gym routine with a friend later this week.

Today, I improved my cardiovascular with an impromptu hiking trip- whether I liked it or not!

Daniel, of course.

Day 14: Settling Grooves

Today was kind of a big day.

Firstly, I finished unpacking everything and got my room up to full functionality. Not the "oh, good, I can play Dark Souls and technically sleep" version, but an actual livable space with pure utility that feels like a place of rest and safety.

Secondly, I reported into work for the first time in a few weeks and actually got a lot done. We use various systems to track the tickets that flow through the office and needed to some work on the administrative end of things, so I spent some time coding and decoding some pretty cool stuff that I'll probably finish up on Day 15.

Lastly, I was able to grab two meals with some really great people, some people that I would consider among my most esteemed friends and colleagues. I even got the opportunity to show off my technical prowess in fixing one of the said friend's technical issues with her PC's wireless card and the university's just really spectacular () network.

All-in-all, I feel like it was a great day where I was able to rekindle my passion for working, being with friends, and enjoying my days.

Today, I truly re-established myself back at work and university.

Daniel, of course.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13: Established Ground

Though I did spend the last couple of days in and out of excellent partying, I didn't want to lose focus of the path I was current set on. I am a student and employee of my university. I work an on-campus job helping students with computer problems, ranging from connecting to the network, to software issues, virus removal, and hardware repair and replacement.

So, you might find it a bit strange that I'm returning to work a full two weeks before the semester begins. The automatic response would be that a lack of students would directly translate to a lack of work for me. However, I am fortunate enough to be tasked with some upkeep activities of our systems between semesters, and as such am going to earn 75 hours of work before the semester begins.

In preparation for such, I reestablished myself in my apartment in my college town so that I can walk to work every day and get paid precious Earth monies. This included moving all my tech, clothing, medicine, etc to the new place and setting up just like it was a few weeks ago.

It's eerie looking around the campus when it's empty, sort of like I'm a survivor of some apocalyptic plague... Which is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Today, I returned to established ground to prepare myself for a couple weeks of work.

Daniel, of course.

Day 12: Set Variables

(Apologies that this post is late, circumstances prevented me from posting earlier.)

When people interact, there's always a certain schema to the way that they interact. This is often in the form of some sort of title that describes the relationship between two people- acquaintances, friends, co-workers, etc.

Well, I had someone that I considered as a not-so-favorable title. Without divulging too much personal detail, someone had crossed a line and it drastically changed my opinion of them.

However, through some level of personal reflection, I realized that they were, at the time, doing what most people do and acted in their own best interest. I can't hold anyone up at relationship gunpoint because of that, and so over the course of a few hours, allowed myself the catharsis of letting go of that negative energy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the type of person who believes that "dark energy" will "taint" someone's "soul" with "evil". But it is stressful holding some sort of grudge, and I don't have the time to let that drag me down.

Besides, either they're a good person and don't deserve my judgement, or they're a bad person and don't deserve my time.

Today, I learned to let go in a less than ordinary circumstance.

Daniel, of course.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11: Growing Up

Today, I'm spending most of my time at a party. I'm actually at it right now, but a certain lull in the action has given me time to type my post.

Coming into this party, I wasn't sure if certain people and I would get along, if certain combinations of individuals would be... acceptable, I guess. But I've learned to deal with some the latent feelings and move on. Even if I'm not "over" certain things, I've learned to at least deal with them. I refuse to let some form of latent feeling deprive others of their fun.

Today, I'm learning to grow up and endure things that I formerly could not.

Daniel, of course.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10: Preparing for Future Days

Almost missed my deadline today for a blogpost, phew!

That might have been due to the fact that I am packing up my things. Tomorrow, I'm going to a party and immediately after that party, moving back to college.

So, yes, another short post.

Today, I prepared myself for returning to work in Bloomsburg.

Daniel, of course.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 9: Money Get!

Short post today.

Today, I got confirmation from my boss that I can begin working again on this Monday. What this means is that I get in two weeks of work before the semester starts with thirty-seven and a half hours a week at 8.25 an hour.

I can't even describe how hyped I am over this and feel great about having additional income secured.

Today, I confirmed myself into working more and improved my financial outlook.

Daniel, of course.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8: Hit Keyboard, Lights Become Correct Pattern

Yesterday, I was gifted a double-edged sword: Dark Souls for the PC. This was given to me by a friend who came into possession with another copy of the game after buying it for himself, and he claimed he gifted to me so that someone else could share in his frustration.

Oh, if only he had known what frustration it would bring.

It all began about 20 minutes into the game after I defeated the first section. I was dropped off by a rather polite and majestic raven and realized upon landing that my video had become entirely blurred. This was a bit of a conundrum, because up to this point the game was running flawlessly.

I creeped over to the video settings and decided to shop around resolutions to see if I could make something that would better fit my settings and show up without blur. My first choice, just to check, crashed my game immediately. Every time I tried to launch after that, it chose that resolution and the game crashed on launch without fail.

It took me nearly all day, but I have fixed the issue.

So, I decidedly wasted most of my day to fix a game. However, I think I gained some things from it as far as applies to my resolution.

1: Focused dedication- I put my mind to a problem and through determination fixed it.
2: Steam's file structure- I learned much more about how the popular Valve distribute client handles files, saves, and configures.
3: Computer maintennance- in the process, I updated drivers, cleaned up registries, and made my computer a more perfect machine.

The list could go on if I spent more time on it, but I think that will suffice for now.

Today, I set my mind to a problem and solved it.

Daniel, of course.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7: Back in the Swing

So, though I have spent the last few posts talking about my incident with the Pennsylvania state troopers, I'm finally ready to move on.

All I really have to say today is that I'm back in routine and am being more calculating about my physical activity and keeping a better eye on what I'm eating and drinking. Instead of having a large lunch, I had some carrot sticks with ranch and a bottled water. I performed my daily 4chan workout and showered, then had a nice dinner with the parents.

Honestly, I have nothing interesting to report except that I'm keeping in shape and watching what I eat.

Today, I got back in my fitness swing and back on the road to physical self-improvment.

Daniel, of course.

Edit: Today's workout numbers were 8-2-1-8-3-9-0. (Context here.)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6: Recovery

Today was kind of a rough one.

I know it was just a traffic violation with relatively minor consequences (considering the possibilities), but I can't get over it. I was regarded with such blatant hostility that I wasn't quite sure or not whether the officer was going to handle the occasion peacefully or not.

And I admit, its affected me. I didn't know I had some underlying fear of the authorities until this happened. It was well within his power, should his will determine it, to totally screw me. Points on my license, nearly double the fine.

When he "cut me the break" of only giving me 112 dollars worth of a ticket, I thanked him, gratefully, a humble little citizen. I was so terrified of the situation and so eager to flee that I literally almost got an accident  immediately after leaving as a motorist sped down the exit ramp I was pulled over on.

I lost some sleep, some focus, and motivation over these last two days. My exercise routine has swayed, my desire to improve has diminished. But as today went on, I took the time to breathe and focus, and try to refresh myself. As time passed, I felt a sort of weight pass off of me and became more and more relaxed. And now, I think I can free myself of the fear and apprehension and return to my previous swing.

Today, I was able to free myself of my fears and refocus on my self-enrichment.

Daniel, of course.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 5: Reflecting on Previous Mistakes

So, I'm not angry that I got pulled over today and given a 112 dollar ticket, nor that it took me 6 hours to get home.

Those two are certainly related, though. I was kept on that roadside next to a traffic ramp for almost forty-five minutes as the officer checked my credentials, kept their spotlights directly on me, and kept their hand readily next to their pistols. I suppose that I'm quite the intimidating figure, being a terrified looking guy in a shitty Jetta, thus the need to keep so close to their firearm of choice.

However, as I said, I'm not angry about it. Terrified at the possibility of the officer making things much harder on me, upset that I got caught and given a ticket, and disappointed in myself. But not angry.

The reason I'm not angry is similar to why I started this resolution in the first place- life is controllable to some degree by the actions one chooses to take. I chose to drive faster than I should have and got clocked being too speedy for the road I was on. I momentarily lost focus of my speedometer after nearly four hours of driving unfamiliar roads, and in that loss of focus I was nabbed.

Scary, though, is to think of what other consequences that loss of focus could have wrought upon me. If I hadn't seen a deer in the road, if there was a pedestrian, if there was a broken down car- it could have lead to deadly circumstances.

So, my only focus is that I made a mistake and paid for it, but not nearly as dearly as it could have been. And that is a point that has granted me much reflection.

Today, I was reminded that losing focus for a moment can have dire consequences.

Daniel, of course.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4: Lemony Snicket

I spent most of today with one of my best friends, then was faced with nearly a 5 hour drive back home. What I didn't know is that my 5 hour drive would take over 6 and would include getting pulled over and given a 112 dollar ticket.

I'll expand more on this later, but for now let's just make it simple.

Today, I learned humility at the hands of the police.

Daniel, of course.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3: Setting a Schedule, and Keeping to It

Though I do intend for this blog to be a place where I can update all sorts of improvements- mental, spiritiual, emotional, etc- my current focus is my physical self. Though I do have some floating issues that I plan to address at some point this year, it's simply easier for me to focus on things like cardio and simple exercises that I can do in my room. 

I'm going to spend the majority of the day today travelling to see an old friend, so I decided to give myself a morning of exercise so that I can get in some progress today on my resolution. The first part should feel awfully familiar- at about 8:40, I took Dazy outside for a morning walk and run. We got a few houses from the end of the street until my furry friend wanted to come home.

Though I was disappointed that my cardio routine was cut a bit short by her hesitance to continue, I made for home and continued my workout in my room. There's a picture I like to use from 4chan for the sake of giving myself a randomized workout:

Normally, this requires someone to keep rolling in a thread to get new numbers to determine how they continue their workout. However, I wrote a really basic program that picks a random number from zero to ten, prints it, and stops picking numbers if it encounters a zero.

Today, I got 7 1 5 0. That meant a 30-second wall-sit, 25 pushups, and 25 lunges. It felt great to get in some basic exercises in my room, and I decided to make it a daily routine. Every day I'll generate a new list of numbers and do the workout. I'll still talk about other issues, but I'll post my numbers from each day in each post.

Today, I got in some greater exercise and set myself a routine to continue my journey to fitness.

Daniel, of course.

PS: I'm going to be out of town and possibly away from posting capability until Saturday, so I may have to delay tomorrow's post. It'll still show, but maybe a bit later than normal!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2: From House to Home

Day 2 of my resolution's progress, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I thought I would have found a distinct lack of motivation about it, but it's actually going pretty well and I feel pretty pumped! I've already received some feedback from people in my e-mails, Facebook messages, and texts, and I appreciate all your support and feedback!

As I alluded to in my previous post, I've recently moved to a new house in a new neighborhood fairly recently. While I was still in school, my official residence changed from the relative calm of rural Pennsylvania to a location not so far outside the state's capitol, Harrisburg. The difference between the two is striking, and I'm still adjusting to a more urban environment.

Some part of me wasn't quite satisfied with the move. Even though this house is gorgeous, perfect for my parents, and my room is well-equipped, it hasn't felt like home. After celebrating Christmas with my family, I still felt like this was some form of temporary residence.

As of a few hours ago, I still had a few boxes in my room full of miscellaneous items. It was simple for me to look at them and be reminded over and over again about the soreness of leaving what was my childhood home, my residence for almost 17 years.

However, I knew that I would never call this new place home until they were put away. Begrudgingly, I dug into their contents to set them up somewhere in my room or to discard what was no longer wanted. What I found was a treasure trove of memories of days past.

Letters, notes, and journals gave me insight to a previous version of myself from years past. Seemingly random items of days past presented themselves, all with own attached memories and background. Ticket stubs and playbills reminded me of shows, concerts, and movies I've gone to seen with friends and family.

I'll admit, faithful reader, that I had teared up after unboxing all of these things, remembering all of these beautiful, wonderful things. And now, I beginning to even feel like this place is home.

Today, I finally unpacked the last of my boxes and have turned a house to a home.

Daniel, of course.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1: The First Step of a 365 Step Journey!

So, I'm 220 pounds. I'm quite unsatisfied with that number, and have notice myself become more.... Bloated. (That's how I'm supposed to soften calling myself fat, yeah?) It's sort of a frustrating thing allowing myself to slide to this point, but I'm dedicated to making the slide stop now. From now on, I'm going to try to keep an eye on my diet and try to become more dedicated to some level of daily physical activity.

...Which isn't good enough. All I've done, essentially, is declare another resolution. It's talking about getting thin that has allowed me to add this weight on. The point of this blog and this resolution isn't to talk about the things I want to do or am going to do, it's to talk about having actually done them.

So today, I decided to ask for help from a furry friend of mine.

This ball of fur is Dazy, and she's our family dog. Since the move into a new neighborhood, we haven't been able to just let her out for a couple hours to run around the woods, chase squirrels, and socialize with the cats. She requires a couple walks a day just so she can go to the bathroom.

Today, instead of just making time for her to handle her bio, I took her on a 20 minute jog and run. I know we're both better off for it, and plan to continue my dog/human exercise routine until I head back to college in late January.

Today, I'm just a little more fit than I was yesterday.

Daniel, of course.

A New Year's Resolution

Apparently, the last time I updated this blog was July of 2011, though it doesn't feel all that too too long ago. I suppose time flies when you're a college student!

This blog is going to be reinvented somewhat. This New Year's, I've made myself a resolution that I refuse to let go. I pledged to myself that every day, in some way, whether it be minute or massively, I'm going to do my best to improve myself. Whether it's physical or mental improvement, improving other facets of my life (employment, classes, living conditions), or learning some random skill that I had no idea how to do before, I'm going to attempt to make myself a little bit better every single day!

Follow me through my journey from imperfection to slightly less than before imperfection across the rest of this year! I'll try to do daily or weekly posts depending on my schedule, the first of which is going to come later today!

If you have any thoughts, suggestions for future improvements, or comments on the blog, feel free to leave them in the comment section below or email me at dre16978@gmail.com.

Improving one's self, 2013 style. Let's do it!

Daniel, of course.