Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 25: Stranger Danger

I've posted earlier about getting involved in social situations mixed with acquaintances, friends, and other people that are vestiges on the edge of my life. In such a situation, I am at least vaguely aware of each person I'm involved with.

Today, though, I plunged into a new situation. I was invited by a friend to a party in which I was nearly surrounded by strangers. Save for the inviting friend and another compatriot, I was entirely isolated from everyone else there.

My normal m.o. in such a situation would be to merely remain at the edge of the social gathering and only flock to what I was familiar with. I never liked meeting new people in such a situation- prejudices, judgements, etc seemed like they dominated the entirety of what their first impression of me would be, and that scared me into inactivity.

Today, however, I refused to let my social stigmas paralyze me. Instead of being a wallflower,  I engaged new people and made new friends. I shared moments of happiness and comraderie with people that moments before were complete strangers. I became a more social version of myself, and felt much better for it.

Today, I learned to put myself out there when I normally would be too afraid to.

Daniel, of course.

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