Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3: Setting a Schedule, and Keeping to It

Though I do intend for this blog to be a place where I can update all sorts of improvements- mental, spiritiual, emotional, etc- my current focus is my physical self. Though I do have some floating issues that I plan to address at some point this year, it's simply easier for me to focus on things like cardio and simple exercises that I can do in my room. 

I'm going to spend the majority of the day today travelling to see an old friend, so I decided to give myself a morning of exercise so that I can get in some progress today on my resolution. The first part should feel awfully familiar- at about 8:40, I took Dazy outside for a morning walk and run. We got a few houses from the end of the street until my furry friend wanted to come home.

Though I was disappointed that my cardio routine was cut a bit short by her hesitance to continue, I made for home and continued my workout in my room. There's a picture I like to use from 4chan for the sake of giving myself a randomized workout:

Normally, this requires someone to keep rolling in a thread to get new numbers to determine how they continue their workout. However, I wrote a really basic program that picks a random number from zero to ten, prints it, and stops picking numbers if it encounters a zero.

Today, I got 7 1 5 0. That meant a 30-second wall-sit, 25 pushups, and 25 lunges. It felt great to get in some basic exercises in my room, and I decided to make it a daily routine. Every day I'll generate a new list of numbers and do the workout. I'll still talk about other issues, but I'll post my numbers from each day in each post.

Today, I got in some greater exercise and set myself a routine to continue my journey to fitness.

Daniel, of course.

PS: I'm going to be out of town and possibly away from posting capability until Saturday, so I may have to delay tomorrow's post. It'll still show, but maybe a bit later than normal!

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