Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 28: The Trenchs

Beat, so another short post. (Apologies!)

Today, as last post suggested, was first day of class. Today was the easiest day of class for many people, people who spent their class periods going over their respective syllabuses and perhaps taking very preliminary notes.

However, this day is one of the roughest of the year for me. I work on campus as a computer technician tasked with fixing student computers when they're brought into the office. Though I am compensated with a decent pay and can accrue twenty hours of work a week, the beginning of semesters are inevitably laden with people with various problems, whether they be hardware, software, updates, or inability to connect to the network.

Days like this normally plow me over and leave me with little-to-no energy by the end of my day. Today, though, I decided to face the event with a greater resolve. I drew upon some latent well of energy and decided that I wouldn't let the day be a bully of me. Not only did I conquer my four hours of class and five hours of work, I managed enough energy to attend the gym and aid a friend in need.

Today, I found a deeper reserve of energy and, well, manned up.

Daniel, of course.

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