Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 15: A Series of Unfortunate Cardiovascular Exercises

Some days, I misplace important things. Today was one of those days.

After arriving at work at 8 AM and leaving seven hours later, not having accomplished much of my two week project but successfully making some ground, I was pretty beat. I hadn't slept spectacularly the night before, and the early morning wasn't an entirely welcome thing in my life. During the break, I had made to sure to be awake by 9, but the couple hours of sleep are sorely missed.

In my stupor, I forgot something as I left office. After walking a considerable distance up the giant hill to my apartment, I realized what that something was: my wallet, which contained the ID card which allows me access to my apartment and room.

After some fevered searching through pockets (this happened several times in front of my door, sweeping each pocket on several occasions), calls to approximate friends with cars, and searches of the immediate surrounding area in the case that I dropped it, I realized what I must do: walk back to the office, acquire my wallet, and walk back up.

The odyssey nearly forty-five minutes as I trudged down and back, wearing thick denim and a heavy trench coat that suddenly seemed way heavier than they had one mountain circuit before. After the journey was completed, my legs hurt from all of the inclines and declines and my lungs hurt from inhaling cold air as I marched. I soon fell into a restful sleep and was only woken by a friend's phone call.

After waking up, though, I felt really good. I realized that though I dreaded the climb at the time, the trips down and back had actually served as an excellent light cardiovascular routine and would serve as good preparation for when I start my gym routine with a friend later this week.

Today, I improved my cardiovascular with an impromptu hiking trip- whether I liked it or not!

Daniel, of course.

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