Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1: The First Step of a 365 Step Journey!

So, I'm 220 pounds. I'm quite unsatisfied with that number, and have notice myself become more.... Bloated. (That's how I'm supposed to soften calling myself fat, yeah?) It's sort of a frustrating thing allowing myself to slide to this point, but I'm dedicated to making the slide stop now. From now on, I'm going to try to keep an eye on my diet and try to become more dedicated to some level of daily physical activity.

...Which isn't good enough. All I've done, essentially, is declare another resolution. It's talking about getting thin that has allowed me to add this weight on. The point of this blog and this resolution isn't to talk about the things I want to do or am going to do, it's to talk about having actually done them.

So today, I decided to ask for help from a furry friend of mine.

This ball of fur is Dazy, and she's our family dog. Since the move into a new neighborhood, we haven't been able to just let her out for a couple hours to run around the woods, chase squirrels, and socialize with the cats. She requires a couple walks a day just so she can go to the bathroom.

Today, instead of just making time for her to handle her bio, I took her on a 20 minute jog and run. I know we're both better off for it, and plan to continue my dog/human exercise routine until I head back to college in late January.

Today, I'm just a little more fit than I was yesterday.

Daniel, of course.

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