Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7: Back in the Swing

So, though I have spent the last few posts talking about my incident with the Pennsylvania state troopers, I'm finally ready to move on.

All I really have to say today is that I'm back in routine and am being more calculating about my physical activity and keeping a better eye on what I'm eating and drinking. Instead of having a large lunch, I had some carrot sticks with ranch and a bottled water. I performed my daily 4chan workout and showered, then had a nice dinner with the parents.

Honestly, I have nothing interesting to report except that I'm keeping in shape and watching what I eat.

Today, I got back in my fitness swing and back on the road to physical self-improvment.

Daniel, of course.

Edit: Today's workout numbers were 8-2-1-8-3-9-0. (Context here.)

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