Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick Cuts

Hello readers! I have meaning to post for a while now, but my schedule has suddenly and violently filled with events. I am exhausted, but I have some quick points:

We need to stop paying so much attention to Sarah Palin. Just seriously, don't look at the news when she's involved. Stop it.

Michelle Bachmann was seriously dynamite at the GOP Presidential Debate. I am a registered Democrat, but she was an impressive presence. She might steal some incumbent votes. Everyone else was kind of unimpressive. (By the way, can we try to confirm that Herman Cain is, in fact, insane?)

The increased influence of NATO forces (especially United States forces) in Libya is concerning for me. I fear for our forces in uniform when they're finally put on the ground. And I think that's an increasing inevitability.

Pennsylvania needs to decide what season it is. I can't deal with its mood swings any more.

...And that's about it. I promise a more substantive post soon.

On the run,

Daniel, of course.


  1. Looking forward to this promised post. :]

  2. I agree, I'm tired of Sarah Palin, looking forward to next post.

  3. Sara Palin is just a news story, people will continue to read about her even though everyone knows shes basically just a celebrity with the likes of octomom. You're right about Bachmann, definitely an interesting person who could become a factor in the elections.